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Do you wanna live like Common People?


Do you wanna live like Common People?

As we walked through the Southampton common we knew that the festival would be a good one. The walk itself was entertaining as we passed under the colossal sized trees towards a banging of the bass we could hear in the distance. Every step we made, we could hear the music of the festival get louder and louder; we were lost but we knew where we were going.

As we approached what looked like a walled city, we could feel the intense vibes of what we knew was going to be an awesome time. After getting into the festival, we were greeted by loads of colours and loud base. Common People was everything you expect and a lot more from a small sized festival in Southampton, people having a good time with happiness all around us, there’s no way anything could bring you down in a place like this.

We were lucky enough to have many positive people who were more than happy to have an interview with us, many of which may have been intoxicated, although the contributed with some great answers. Asking questions like ”What do you think of Common People?” ”Who are you excited to see the most?” and a personal favourite ”What will be your drink of choice during the period of this festival?”.

Being fortunate enough to have press passes that allowed us to go behind stage, we were able to meet some very good up and coming bands like Kassassin Street, Pretty Vicious, The Wytches and The Signals all of which were kind enough to give us a quick interview. Our aim is to help promote these up and coming bands, so more people can see the potential that each group holds. There were so many great acts and it was a full on brilliant experience for Local Music Scene.

The bigger acts were encountered with great expectations as we were getting ready for an iconic musician, Craig David. Everything about him answered to all our expectations and we couldn’t ask for any more. Katy B is a lovely artist which we also thought was great, enjoying her well choreographed dances and ridiculously good voice. Duran Duran hit the stage with great energy and embraced the croup very well, with great display of lights and a huge fire of confetti from its giant confetti machines, it was certainly a great end to the weekend.

The whole festival was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed everything about it, from the happy and lively people there, to the wonderful acts, it was certainly not short of expectations.

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