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Is this it? Our top 10 albums! Let’s agree to disagree…


Is this it? Our top 10 albums! Let’s agree to disagree…

This is our personal opinion on the top 10 albums where we love every song on the record.

10) Panic Prevention – Jamie T

If you got the money buy his album to get back in the game like Sheila.

The debut album from Jamie T released in January 2007 was written about the youth culture In London. In the UK it has sold over 159,000 copies. It’s very hard to give Jamie T a genre as it’s a mix of indie rock and hip hop making it a unique and catchy album. His popularity in the UK has grown and grown with brilliant live performances.

9) Tourist History – Two Door Cinema Club

We can’t talk about this album, Oh wait something good can work so we will.

The debut album from TDCC released in 2010. Its first week of sales sold 5071 copies however it has grown over time. Here at LMS we love every song of the indie pop band and highly recommend it, it’s all about what you know with TDCC the unique lyrics and catchy riffs make a great album adored by indie music lovers.

8) Priorities – Don Broco

Hold on, get your priorities right and buy this album.

The Better of the two albums, Priorities and Automatic you ask? LMS think both could have gone on this list however we have chosen Priorities as it made Broco what they are today! LMS have seen Broco perform 7 times and loved it every time! The last 3 Reading Festival performances have been incredible! Our only complaint is that they weren’t on stage for longer. We adore the Bedford bands pop rock charm such as the Broco walk. The debut album was released in August 2012 so here’s the thing, the whole truth is it’s a must listen album from back in the day.

7) AM – Arctic Monkeys

This album is one for the road!

June 2013 Arctic Monkeys were back at it with their new album, AM, doing what they do best. The only band with two entries on the list. On their AM tour the band from Sheffield did 250 dates worldwide. The fascinating Brit award speech from Al Turner is legendary ‘invoice me for the microphone’. This AM album really showed a new slick, classic rock and roll Arctic Monkeys that fans adored. Turner said he wanted an album that sounds good when driving, LMS think he’s succeeded. AM stormed to the top of the chart with an impressive first week sale of 157,329.

6) Inside In Inside Out – The Kooks

Don’t be naive, buy this album!

Released in January 2006 the debut album from The Kooks has sold 2,000,000 copies worldwide since release. The 14 track album is full of indie rock tunes that we love at LMS, an incredible album with un-skippable tracks throughout! The band from Brighton produced this with Virgin records. If you get to see them live all the fans know this album inside and out so brush up on your singing and lyrics!

5) Is This It – The Strokes

Is this it, only number 5, surely not?

Sorry Julian Casablancas your debut album has only reached number 5 in our ratings however we envy your song writing skills. Is this it was released In July 2001 selling 16,000 units in its first week. It is an indie rock favourite with many. The New York band has gone on to great success after it ushered garage rock revival movement onwards and upwards in the 2000’s.

4) The Balcony – Catfish And The Bottlemen

Wrap yourself in this albums cocoon.

Possibly very controversial putting Cat B at number 4, did anyone know of the Welsh group 3 years ago? The debut album was released September 2014. As the most recent entry on our list Cat B have re-lighted indie rock with this emphatic album! Van McCann a humble, grateful musical soul has hit fame by featuring unbelievable sets at festivals including Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds and T in the park. The test tube baby’s band had done it now in 2016 with a massive US and UK tour coming up the band has reached great success on just one album! Showing just how incredible it is. Here at LMS we can’t wait for some new records to get a grip on.

3) What’s The Story Morning Glory – Oasis

Roll with it at number 3.

The legends of Brit pop, Oasis the controversial Gallagher brothers released this amazing second album in October 1995 sold over 20 million copies worldwide and has won the Brits album of 30 years! If only Liam and Noel would make up and make a comeback with Oasis, after splitting up when Liam threw a plum at him backstage in Paris. Many say if they did come back together it would ruin a legacy they set but we disagree here at LMS so if you are reading Noel and Liam you certainly have our approval.

2) Nevermind – Nirvana

Smells like number 2 on our list!

Nirvana second studio album released in September 1991 has low commercial expectations by its label (DGC). Despite this never mind went on to sell over 24 million copies worldwide. The band from Washington had done it, global success that blew the genre grudge up, over the 90’s but the legacy of that album is still very much with us in the present and in the future. With the never-ending list of unbelievable songs such as the incredible Smells Like Teen Spirit we highly suggest listening to the deep, inspirational lyrics from Kurt Cobain with LMS personal favourite being Polly about a real life story of a captured girl in America that Kurt read about in a news article.

1) Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not – Arctic Monkeys

You will be listening to this album until the sun goes down as arctic monkeys go from the rubble of Sheffield to the Ritz!

An album that inspired a generation! It talked about British youth’s adolescents making it very real and relatable to any 18 year old. Arctic Monkeys released ‘Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not’ in January 2006. It became the fastest selling debut album in British music history shifting over 360,000 copies in its first week and no wonder why. We love every song as it describes young people in this country with such accuracy with quirky lyrics, we love all the members for their humour and bond they have as a band.

Alex Turner the best front man of the last decade? We think so. His witty charm even showed on stage when he has thousands of fans in the palm of his hand singing every lyric to every song without fail. After witnessing them at earls court in 2013 with many of the old classic in from this iconic album, they went on to headline reading festival in 2014 which was the best performance I have ever witnessed with Alex turner saying ‘you’re a fucking good crowd Reading’ well Alex this is a fucking good album and in our opinion the best!

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