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Ugh! Love this review of The 1975


Ugh! Love this review of The 1975

The Alternative rock band from Manchester, Wilmslow. ‘The 1975’ Began playing music with each other at the age of 15 after meeting at their school, Wilmslow High School during their teenage years. At first, the Band was undecided as to what they would be known by and made content under various temporary names one of these being ‘Bigsleep’, before settling down on ‘The 1975’. The Four Talented men that go by this name are Frontman Matthew Healy (mainly known as Matty), Drummer George Daniels, Bassist Ross MacDonald and Lead guitarist Adam Hann.

Before releasing any of their four Eps the band started from scratch covering punk songs at gigs organised for underage youths and spare time spent working on EPs in the confined space of Matty’s bedroom. Escaping from this scene in August 2012 ‘The 1975’ released their first EP ‘Facedown’ on the UK’s indie label ‘Dirty Hit’ which lead to them supporting ‘Little Comets’ on their nationwide tour. Not long after ‘facedown’ was released the band gained more attention on the radio to their second EP ‘Sex’ being released on the 19th November 2012. The boys met their first sense of fame in 2013 when their song ‘Chocolate’ Ploughed its way to 19 in the UK’s single Charts, a song featured on their third EP ‘Music for cars’. Lastly on the 20th May their final ep ‘IV’ was released featuring material such as ‘so far (it’s alright)’ and ‘The City’.

During their success up to this point The 1975 Supported various iconic artists such as Muse and The Rolling Stones and got the opportunity to play at Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2013 encouraging the hype for their first self-titled debut. After the massive build up, the album ‘The 1975’ was Available on the 2nd September 2013 co-produced by British music producer Mike Crossey who had previously worked with popular indie rock band ‘Arctic Monkeys’. With outstanding feedback from the album the group toured the UK, North America, Europe and Australia right through until January 2014. They covered Major festivals including American Music and arts festival, ‘Coachella’.

The band created a huge build up towards their second album playing with their fans heart strings after deleting all existing social media accounts, creating the illusion that the band had split up. Just 24 hours before this Matty had uploaded a comic strip to both Instagram and twitter implying that the band were breaking up containing quotes such as “so we must leave, with a parting ‘we love you’ we are already gone”. However, this was all just a hoax as on the 8th of October 2015 they announced their second album ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It’ basing the name on something Matty had said to a past girlfriend. They premiered 4 singles before releasing the album the first Being Love me second UGH! The third the sound and lastly A change of heart released four days before the album was itself, all four being extremely catchy but totally different to their original material. The second album was released this year to the public on the 26th of February and launched its way to the top making it number one on the UK albums chart and US Billboard 200! With the constantly increasing success we can’t expect any more hoaxes from The 1975.

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