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LMS Live Event Review


LMS Live Event Review

After much anticipation, the first of many LMS events began at 7pm at The Drift on Friday the 12th of August.

It began with NOUS BOI opening the event; a band we have worked with in the past. Previously they performed acoustically, however since have decided to become an electric four piece.  We would say they have an original take on a band like the Kooks. The band has received positive critic on social media platforms, performing on Ont’ Sofa and receiving over 11k views on their personal YouTube channel with the likes of ‘Curfew’ and ‘Last night’. With experience behind them and a dedicated fanbase (who have even gone as far as making a NOUS Boi Fan page) it’s without a doubt that NOUS Boi could easily secure a position as a headlining act. The crowd enjoyed the vibe of the band from start to finish through their quirky lyrics and a charming nature which enticed many females to take front row to get a closer look. LMS strongly believe they have huge potential and would love to work with them in the future to progress!

Next up on the line-up was co-headliner, Ben Brookes. Having previously seen him perform at The Drift and supporting Heir of the Dog, we had to secure his position! His performances can be described as breath-taking and emotionally driven. Before performing at LMS, Ben had just returned from an all expense paid trip to America to work with Prince’s band. He also produced an album accompanied by multiple music videos. His performance entertained the LMS crowd from the moment he went onto the stage. Unfortunately for Ben his performance begun with the struggle of getting his newly purchased capo to work on his guitar. But to his advantage, he joked it off and built anticipation before his performance begun. With such charm and intriguing songs like ‘K Y Kelly’, the crowd didn’t know whether to laugh or sing. Ben also covered songs such as ‘Another brick in the wall/Parklife’ which he adapted and made into his own. Through his whole performance, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand signing along to his catchy and humorous lyrics. With funny stories in-between songs and a versatile voice, it was infectious and he performed a superb set!

Last to the stage were headliners, Arcade Hearts. Previously known as the Arrivals, LMS had seen them perform at many different venues and are an admirer of their music. Their performance was riddled with high tempo indie tunes to which the crowd danced too. With massive tunes under their belt already such as ‘Growler’ and ‘Work it out’, we await for more content to be released. With a similar vibe to Two Door Cinema Club, the band are loved by their fans and never fail to put on a performance with excessive energy and  a confident stage presence. After working with the band at the LMS live session and hearing them almost blow the church down, we couldn’t help but book them as our headlining act!

After 11pm, The Drift once again upped their game offering free hats, drink deals and talented DJ sets including the likes of William Chambers and Sam Chatfield. Overall, the LMS Live Event appeared to be a massive success with a great turnout! LMS would like to thank everyone that attended and helped out on the evening for making it such an incredible night! Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you look out for future LMS events!



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