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Tom Martin EP Launch


Tom Martin EP Launch

On 15th August, Romsey based singer-songwriter Tom Martin set foot at The Railway Inn, determined to deliver an unforgettable performance with the release of his debut EP entitled ‘Next Plane Out’. To top it off, the long- awaited EP marked the same day of Tom’s 21st Birthday and was a complete sell out!

However until now, the financial burdens of student life had taken their toll, unfortunately preventing Tom from releasing quality music until this summer. Tom began gigging in 2014 and has since used his experience and song writing ability to produce an EP which reflects similar soulful material to Paolo Nutini. Recorded at Eastriver Studios in Swansea, the EP showcases an eclectic eye for song-writing, ranging from soul, folk, pop, indie, rock and even electronica in the space of one EP!

Kick-starting the evening began with Dino Brewster, a talented artist with a variety of songs already under his belt. Dino bought to the stage an enthusiastic and amusing performance underpinned by sarcastic lyrics. Dino performed a very impressive cover of ‘Mr. Writer’ by Stereophonics and ‘Pumped up Kicks’ by Foster the People. His strong voice supported by dazzling guitar riffs and facetious lyrics offer real opportunity for the Bristol based artist.

Next to the stage was a favourite of LMS, Scott Freeman. Scott is not an unknown artist to LMS, having seen him perform at The Joiners back in June. His iconic appearance in the form of a tartan scarf and his face printed and aligned in the centre of his t-shirt makes him unforgettable. The tales of his ‘crazy’ persona and hyperactive performance definitely lived up to our expectations once again! Putting this aside, the lively performer has an exceptional voice and some brilliant melodies on his first album ‘Season of Blue’. He is currently working on his second album which we are very much looking forward too. With a cover of ‘Teenage Kicks’, he really made it into his own. With much variety in his songs, Scott really had the ability to play the high tempo wild songs to the slow romantic ones with ease. Describing Scott Freeman’s performance as simply energetic would be an understatement! When Scott takes to the stage, he will undoubtedly share his vibrant energy and will blow you away!

Next up on the line-up was ‘Shoot the Duke’, consisting of two guitarists and a drummer on the cajón. Once again it was enlightening to see another energetic performance with a unique twist in the form of a harmonica which gave a rock/country vibe to the set. It was pleasurable to see a band that set themselves apart from the crowd whilst maintaining a high energy performance. Offering crisps vocals, the band can only be described as an enriched Mumford and Sons! The band have been labelled as performing in the style of blues rock and even won ‘all about the song’s’ competition in Southampton. Our favourite song off of ‘The Blackwell Incident’ EP was ‘Low’.

The band is currently finishing off a new EP which we strongly suggest you take a look at! Co-headlining the event was ‘Remedy Sounds’. The loop peddler has been performing across the UK for over 5 years and thrives of the crowd’s reaction. His stage presence was of confidence and his performance, slick. Remedy Sounds also offered some words of wisdom “i hate music… shit acts make loads of money… my gigs are a lecture; they’re not fun, they’re educational”. The set included hip-hop beats from the own manipulation of musical rhythms in the form of beat-boxing followed up by rapping over the top. He has to be one of the best live performers we have ever witnessed! He really got the crowd entertained from the first minute. Once again, the evening altered mood through the form of his unique and slick performance which was truly astounding to watch.

Next up was the moment the whole crowd had been waiting for, Tom Martin himself. The headlining artist opened with his performance of ‘Next Plane Out’ which blew us away! Tom is certainly a very talented musician with such teriffic guitar playing and strong vocals, dare we say it better than Paulo Nutini?

The songs are stitched together with such perfection. With quirky songs and great support from friends and family, you can’t help but think he could sell out shows across the UK. Tom Martin is a true diamond in the music industry with a superb stage presence and forming a connection with the crowd that had them singing along to every word. LMS cannot speak highly enough of such a talented artist with his feet firmly on the floor. You can expect from Tom Martin; a performance that’ll have you laughing, weeping and smiling throughout. He had the audience in the palm of his hand for the entire set. The lyrics are captivating and smooth accompanied by his talented guitar ability and an incredibly controlled, powerful voice. The lyrics will remind you of Jamie T in that they fit together smoothly but reflect the soulful delivery of Paulo Nutini.

The venue was outstanding with the best EP launch line up ever to have been witnessed! With such a variety of genres to offer, there is no doubt that with some financial backing behind him, Tom could work wonders and potentially release an album in the future. His raw voice, guitar and lyrics really stand out. Make sure to check out his EP ‘Next Plane Out’, where you’ll find 3 soulful songs and the artwork of a talented artist that deserves to be exposed to the wider UK music scene!


Check out the photos from Tom’s EP launch here.

‘Next Plane Out EP’ is available through iTunes for £3.99, or for streaming on Spotify.
Find Tom Martin on Youtube, including the music video for ‘Next Plane Out’ at www.youtube.com/TomMartinMusic


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