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LMStival Review


LMStival Review

Peace and Propaganda was the message that resonated around Acapulco last Friday night as LMS hosted their music residency comeback and boy were they back with a bang!

The scene was set to be an evening to remember with an incredible lineup including solo artist Josh Tweedale and upcoming artist, Hallen and his accompanying guitarist. Two very talented bands also featured on the bill. Demonheadz bought a sound of heavily distorted guitars and biting drum grooves whilst headliners, Our Propaganda, fresh from the O2 having supported Razorlight, were the long haired heavy rockers of the night.

Josh Tweedale

Sly but shy, Portsmouth based, Josh Tweedale warmed up the crowd with a set full of acoustic covers. Despite a minor technical difficulty which put an early halt on the night, Tweedale remained unhindered by the hurdle. It was an emotionally driven performance from the solo artist, who opened up to the crowd throughout the performance, later revealing it was his first gig in two years.


Next up on the bill was Hallen, a local solo artist that bestowed upon us his own individual style seemingly derived from some real rocking jizz jazz. His sound is comparable to similar works of famous indie rockers, while he was still able to maintain a strong sense of individuality. When listening to his tracks, a sombre tone and vocal similarities to King Krule rung through and a heaping of chorus doused onto beautifully bluesy chords, reminiscent of Mac Demarco. We were also treated to another side of Hallen as he was joined by an accompanying guitarist who’s tasty riffs added depth to a brilliant live performance. People were up and dancing to a well masterminded mash up of The Smiths ‘This Charming Man’ and The Strokes  ‘Someday’ before wrapping up what was an excellent set. The culmination of stylistic traits makes Hallan a promising artist and one to watch in the coming months. We are sure good things will follow for this young and upcoming artist.


Next to take the mic and rock down the venue was two-piece alternative rock band, Demonheads. There must be some unwritten law of music that if your band has just two members you are required to make a lot of noise to compensate and what a sound they made. It wasn’t just noise either, lead-singer Stephen Wickens showed off his vocal skill-set throughout their performance. We wouldn’t be surprised if these lads had spent a bit of time listening to the likes of Royal Blood and Slaves, a sound which resonated in their own performance. Their set was comprised of excellently chunky guitar riffs which ran through a pedal board featuring octave pedals to spare which have the music a real full and fat sound. The two-piece clearly have a strong chemistry, shown in their ability to hold time through tricks licks and powerful instrumental sections, especially in their closing number.

Soon enough it became time for the main event, the headlining act, who overcame a stream of tricky technical issues on the night and still put on a spectacularly glamorous rock performance! As mentioned previously, they reached a huge milestone in their careers, having recently played alongside Razorlight at the O2 just a week prior to our event. We were privileged to have such a wealth of talented musicians, with an incredible stage presence and proving not just to be a band, but an all round group of down-to-earth blokes. A wave of long hair emerged onto the stage and instantly the room began to fill all gaps as amplifier cabs buzzed into life and it was time to rock their audience into a musically induced coma. Down to their core they are a rock band looking to rebel against the system through Jack Denton’s articulate lyricism and magnificent vocal range. Perhaps one of the bands better known tracks ‘Queen of Artisans’ was a real call to action for the crowd and an indicator of the quality to come. Melodically, one common theme prevailed through the entire set and that was thunderous bass lines, lightning quick shredding, pick squeals and energetic drum beats. As the last song dawned upon us, they were ready to go out with a bang as they emphasised “let’s make it a long one then!” The band then morphed into full head bang mode clearly looking at home on stage, as if they’d spent their entire lives up there.  The fabulous idea of 70’s glam style call had the whole audience singing along and it’s safe to say that everyone who attended the night had found a new favourite to listen too.

What a night it proved to be, with four very talented bands and artists, proving to set the standard at an all time high. Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for more local music events coming your way! Thanks to everyone who attended the gig and to the LMS team for hosting the event. It’s with the support of our fans that we can help prove just how important the local music scene really is!

Words by: James Burrill

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