Portsmouth, UK

Drusila’s Debut Show


Drusila’s Debut Show

Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, 24/02/2018 
After dropping their debut single “Something For Nothing” at the end of last year as a brand new
band and having BBC Introducing play it just weeks after it being released, we went down to see what Drusila perform in person.
KOALA opened the night and warmed the crowd up, followed by Eyes to the Skies who we’ve had
the pleasure of seeing on multiple occasions. With their latest single
“Glasgow” getting a fantastic reception from the crowd and their smooth rock sound sounding
phenomenal. Next up was some good friends of ours, Four Folds Law, who have a
similar sound to The Vaccines and have a fantastic relationship with the people of Portsmouth.
With releases and a few years’ experience, the band has really kicked on in the industry with an
electric set.
The headliners bought their A-game tonight. The crowd loved the energy the band brings to
the venue.
Frontman George’s smooth moves capture the crowd’s eyesight and has the vocals to
back up the on-stage charisma. Tom on Bass is certainly lively, whilst Drummer Hugh keeps a solid beat going. The combination really makes the indie 3-piece stand out at the moment.
After being in a previous band together, they have come back with a bang and
a serious statement to make. This can be a real progression route for this band to drop some big
tracks and work there way up the music industry with great tunes coming out and an incredible live
show being created they could be the next big thing out of Portsmouth.
I would say the sound issomewhere between The Smiths and The Cure, for all those indie fans who want the latest band to
jump on, there is no need to look any further.
Speaking to the band before the show they gave us an LMSUKmedia exclusive, that they are releasing a
music video for Forget early March and told us about the excitement of recording in a portable
studio which allowed them to record the drums for “Something for Nothing” In London.
With upcoming shows including Nambuccaa on March 17th and Bar 42 in Worthing on April 6th, do make sure you follow the band and support their local
They decided to do the debut show at the Wedgewood rooms and commented “It’s the best venue in
Portsmouth with the best sound, we needed the added space for our performance“.
Check out Drusila’s Something for Nothing video on YouTube here.

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