Portsmouth, UK

Aaron Middleton and the Purple Smoke


Aaron Middleton and the Purple Smoke

The Joiners, 14/03/2018 
Aaron Middleton and the Purple Smoke 
Supporting Pretty Vicious.

Aaron Middleton, Singer-Songwriter from Portsmouth, UK. He is a recording artist as well as performing live regularly. Has already picked up major slots in the music scene including supporting the Sherlocks. Aaron band has a reputation for a fierce live show bring back real rock in roll to many great venues in the South. The band and Aaron himself Influenced by Oasis/ rage against the machine/ royal blood/ beastie boys – with this reputation growing it’s not hard to see why he’s getting a following for his performances.

The band supported the hugely successful Rock band pretty Vicious who reached great success with there single ‘Cave song’ With over 73,000 monthly listeners they must be the biggest thing coming out of Wales in the industry right now. LMSUKmedia interviewed the band last time they were in Southampton performing at Common people where the Uncommon stage was packed to the brim for the performance which was one hell of a ride.

Aaron Middleton has been recording as a solo singer/song writer for a long time and having gained experience in other bands this rock and roll calling just looks right on stage, I have to say the band around Aaron were fantastic with special mention to Liam the drummer who was one of the best I have seen on the local stages. Their song “air balloon” has a real Liam Gallagher oomph to it and will feature on Solent BBC introducing this Saturday which is massively well deserved.



With the rock and roll vibe going on the band also add in a bit or rap almost like early beastie boys sound to the mix which is a great stand out in a competitive music scene. After an electrifying performance at the Joiners I have to say they were one of the best Rock and Roll bands I have seen on the local circuit since LMSUKmedia has begun two years ago, and yes that is some statement to make but visually the energy the guys had on stage backed up with the rock and roll sounds took to myself and the audience in a great way!

The other support was brand new friend an indie rock band from the Northern Ireland with a blink- 182 style with a male and female singer it had a great combination of teenage rock. They have a single being added to FIFA 19 soundtrack which seems very well deserved.



Pretty Vicious headlined the night to bring their great stage presence making the crowd explode as you would expect with singles like cave song. The band can only grow from here on in and you would expect them on some bigger stages in the festival season.



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