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Live: Don Broco @ SSE Arena, London 09/02/19


Live: Don Broco @ SSE Arena, London 09/02/19

The first act on was an American band called Issues who have a unique combination of rock/metal and contemporary R&B. In all the gigs I have been to I have never seen such an impressive support for an opening band, thousands of fans turned up to see this electrifying performance and knew every song. It was such a magnificent feat for an opening act having such huge energy within their performance and this is shown by the huge mosh pits from the adoring fans.

My personal favourite song from the band was “Mad at Myself”. The Atlanta band have been together since 2012 have said to have been heavily influenced by the band Korn however I think the band’s sound is original and unique. The lead singer Tyler Carter voice was second to none throughout the performance.

The second band on was Neck Deep, who are a pop-punk band from Wales. I had first heard of the band after a huge show on the Vans Wrapped tour, they seemed like the perfect support band as the Don Broco fans seemed to have a lot of love for Neck Deep. The best song of the set was “In Bloom” off the latest album ‘The Peace and The Panic. I feel Ben Barlow’s voice is not represented highly on his recorded music compared to what it is live. His live vocals were very different and impressed me greatly. They announced during the set they would be taking time off touring to write a brand new album.

LMSUKmedia have been reporting on Don Broco for the last three years with our first ever article being on the Bedford band. Throughout all their shows they have had great crowd interaction however at this huge London date DB’s production of this show was something I have never witnessed in a music event. They had everything from the vocals to some big surprises such as the famous DB Cowboy popping up behind the crowd on the sound desk, which was a personal favourite. After 10 years of being a band and growing their fanbase internationally, it was great to see them playing old fan favourites including “Thug workout” with the famous push-up squad.

The whole tour has been excellent and the band never fails to bring brilliant support acts, this has surely been the best yet. Make sure you get around to seeing these amazing bands, you won’t regret it!


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