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LMSUKmedia Top Picks: What we’re listening to – Week 5


LMSUKmedia Top Picks: What we’re listening to – Week 5

Catfish and the Bottlemen – 2all

2all sees frontman Van McCann open up about lies, loyalty and love to the sound of a driven bass line and the band’s signature upbeat tempo. Lyrically, “2all” is for the fans. Van McCann sings about people giving all their love to the ones who’ve stuck around. It’s a sweet sentiment. As many of their songs do, the lyrics are relatable to most anyone. There are so many people out there messing with our heads, but we always have those who’ve stuck around to fall back on.

Two Door Cinema Club – Talk

The release of ‘Talk’ follows a series of interactive billboards posted around the world teasing new music from the trio. In a press release, frontman Alex Trimble said of the song: “I love the pop thing. I love experimenting and going to different places, I love doing things that are a little bit wonky and I love the idea of doing something we haven’t done before, why can’t we do all of those things at once? That’s what it was, doing whatever felt right… It sounds like Two Door Cinema Club – not a Two Door Cinema Club there’d ever been before but that’s what I love. We can always do something new but it always feels like something we’ve done.”

Tom Millichamp – If I

Starting off slow with a cool, emotional, and chilled out opening verse, until suddenly erupting into a lively explosion of chorus complete with a fresh and bouncy accompaniment of drums and bass. The track is really just the beginning for the young lad from Portsmouth and with already over 100,000 streams on this song. The future really is bright.

Easy Life – Sunday

Single choice ‘Sunday’ smooches and grooves, channelling Frank Ocean’s ‘Super Rich Kids’ as it recounts a lazy day spent hanging out with a lover with a distinctly Gen-Z spin. “I’ve never seen her type in upper case, that kind of energy is rare these days” muses Murray, shining a light on the small everyday things that you notice about someone when you’re falling in love.

Maverick Sabre & Jorja Smith – Slow Down

UK based singers Jorja Smith and Maverick Sabre are each rising stars in their own right, put them together and the sonic slow burn only intensifies. Even though Sabre is more likely to experiment with jazz and electronics while Smith loses herself in soft beats laden in profound thought, their collaborations always offer something new and magical. The evolution of their work feels like an intricate dance that’s constantly adding footwork.

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