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LMSUKmedia Top Picks: What we’re listening to – Week 6


LMSUKmedia Top Picks: What we’re listening to – Week 6

Circa Waves – Times won’t change me

This week we look in depth into Circa Waves release of their 3rd album. One of the singles “Times Won’t Change Me” is a piano-led gospel inspired anthem, Circa Waves as you’ve never heard them before. Taking these universal sounds and locking them together into piano-singalongs, swelling orchestras, fuzzy rock and arena-baiting marvels, the track sets the tone for the record’s buccaneering spirit, using drums as a leading instrument rather than a thumping follower.

Crystal Tides – Little Lies

Local favourites Crystal Tides are back with their latest single “Little Lies”. ‘Little Lies’ tells the story of all the mornings we have woken up not knowing where we are, how we got there and the big one of ‘What the hell happened last night?!’. It’s got such a classic feel with its high octane riffs and high energy vocals which together creates a fusion that is hard to be replicated. A track that makes you look back to summer and think of the drunken summer nights where you take it too far.

Blvff – Shame

Blvff recently released their second single “Shame”, following on from their successful debut single “Where did we go wrong” that has had over 32,000 listens on Spotify, which is excellent for any up and coming band. Their dark, indie pop sound is definitely something you need to listen to. The band carry an authentic ethos throughout their music and subsequent offerings. With their heavy riffs and room shaking bass mixed with unique vocals, the track has all the makings of an instant indie classic.

Cassia – Sink

On ‘Sink’, the Cassia boys drop a track that trickles feelings of fondness. Teasing guitars and drums that have a tropical quality, the chorus ‘I wanna know what you know’ is a line not easy to forget. The band are devoted to feel-good music and positive vibes. Their philosophy is that people should dance to their music – not just mosh. On ‘Sink’, the band say: “Sink is a feel good festival tune. A getting away with your mates and having a BBQ on a beach tune. We want people to escape the bad stuff and just have a bop to it”.

SPINN – Believe it or not

It seems like whilst they’ve been in the studio recording their debut album Spinn have been doing some scientific experiments. the result of this is a gorgeous piece of pop perfection which is just going to make you happy to listen to it repeatedly. It is designed to make you dance, to make you smile, to make you feel all the warm and fuzzy feelings. Speaking about the album, frontman Jonny explains, “The album is about everything from girls and house parties to toxic masculinity, self-perception and self-analysis regarding my relationships with people in my life. It’s a bit of a mixed bag but I like it so there!”

Check out the tracks here…

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