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LMSUKmedia Top Picks: What we’re listening to – Week 7


LMSUKmedia Top Picks: What we’re listening to – Week 7

The Amazons – Doubt it

‘Doubt It’ tells the story of a romantic and again showcases once again the maturity the band now take in their song writing, with lead singer Matt Thompson stating the tracks about being on the brink of a “potentially stupid decision” due to “lust-induced blindness” and not “succumbing to the temptations”. ‘Doubt It’ is a hip swaggering, scorcher of a song about a romantic encounter that encapsulates the musical journey that The Amazons have been on over the past two years.

MOTH – Cloud Nine

Indie quintet MOTH are definitely a force to be reckoned with if new single ‘Cloud 9’ is anything to go by. The band have released a follow up to debut single Thirst which tallied 10,000 streams and counting on Spotify, it definitely gave us a craving for more tracks.

Sheafs – Get used to it

Dripping with attitude and swaggering confidence, SHEAFS’ newest single Get Used To It definitely makes a statement. Fired up with blistering energy, the raucous guitar solos will dazzle and electrify whilst the confident vocals drive the track forward brazenly. You’ll find yourself shouting along ‘Get used to it man, get used to it’ as the captivating chorus swings round, and with staccato drums that jab at you in the bridge, it’s an energising track that will leave you feeling on a high.

Costellos – Tenner in the Tank

South coast based band Costellos are back with their self titled EP. One of the songs from the EP, Tenner in the tank, is definitely a personal favourite. Their ability to catch the eye of an audience with their anthemic driven songs and distinct Oasis-Like singing style is just the beginning. The track is filled with fast paced loops to really catch the listeners and keep them entertained. The band is certainly one to keep an eye out this year.

Tame Impala – Borderline

Borderline, The second single the band has released this year, is somewhere way off the psychedelic map. A highlight with this track is Parker’s voice, newly spry and soulful, able to convey real emotion that is nevertheless surrounded by a wall of sound. “Will I be known and loved/Is there one that I trust,” Parker sings on the chorus, bouncing deftly between high and low notes as if in conversation with himself. His uncertainty captures the feeling here too perfectly.

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