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Freya Ridings headlines Southampton

Freya Ridings headlines Southampton

Freya Ridings’ tour has been restless for the last month and Southampton was her second to last UK show. With performances being almost daily you would expect most artists to feel a slightly exhausted at this point. However, with this being her largest ever UK tour, we did not see such a thing. There was something a little different about Freya’s tour compared to other modern artists. She had a modest ticket price, with fantastic merch at reasonable prices, superb supporting acts and this was even before she started performing!

Her opening act Jasmine Thompson was a unique and fun set as she opened with a rendition of the popular Baby Shark to tease the crowd before putting on an elegant set. Her voice was refreshing, and her small band were the perfect accompany for an opening act. Jasmine performed her latest EP, and it was easy to tell she is destined for big things. A personal stand out song of ours was “This Year’s Love”.

LMSUKmedia were lucky enough to interview Freya at Isle of Wight Festival when she first announced this tour. She was nervous but excited, so we had to come and see her in Southampton. She has been blessed with musical ability whether on a piano or guitar and can amazingly silence such a huge venue with her spectacular voice. It was true pleasure to even be in the same room as her when performing and her modest attitude made it even sweeter to listen too. She is a force to be reckoned with, however, with the success of her debut album we are excited to see what the next instalment could be. She played her obvious hits such as Castles and also added in some unexpected songs to her set such as a cover of Bad Guy by Billie Eilish which she took her own spin on.

We’d definitely recommend going to see Freya if you get the chance! However, you may be waiting a while, as she’ll next be on a European tour in 2020 and there’s no current UK dates being announced yet…does this mean new material could be released at the end of next year? We can only hope!


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