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Reviewed: Ed Sheeran Releases Two New Tracks


Reviewed: Ed Sheeran Releases Two New Tracks

As early as January, when David Bowie passed away, many of us were sceptical about the path 2016 would take. It unfortunately took the lives of many more famous stars. As we wish our farewell’s to 2016, we can only hope that 2017 will be a better year. Thankfully, there’s hope for 2017, here’s why…

On Friday, beloved UK pop icon Ed Sheeran released two brand new tracks, his first songs since 2015.

In a video titled ‘Hello 2017…’, he promised that new music would soon be delivered to our ears. His promise came with the release of “Shape of You” and “Castle On The Hill”. The singles are a part of his upcoming album, Divide.

In Sheeran’s new track “Shape of You”, co-written with Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac, he sings over the top of a Marimba percussion about a promising romance. It’s an easy listening track with a slow melody which builds up to the chorus. Ed sings tongue in cheek lyrics which are amusing to listen too and it’s hard to comprehend whether it’s a real scenario or not. The track was originally written for Rhianna, among the lyrics include “I’m in love with the shape of you, which give the track a seductive feel. However Ed later decided that it didn’t sound like something she’d end up singing and made it one of his own. You can listen to the song below.

The second, “Castle on the Hill” is far more upbeat and dramatic than the first, with a similar vibe to Coldplay. You could picture this song being played in front of thousands at Wembley Stadium. Sheeran chose to release this track in a contrast to “Shape of You”, reflecting his album image, Divide.  Castle on the Hill begins with the lyrics “when i was six years old i broke my leg” and was  written to reflect his childhood in Suffolk which appeared rather troublesome  “driving 90” and “running from the law”. You can listen to the song below.

In keeping with his previous albums of mathematical symbols ‘X’ and ‘+’, the artwork for “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” combine to create a divide.

Back in December 2015, the singer announced that he’d be taking a break “to travel the world and see everything I missed”. His adventures took him all around the world to see and do things he simply hadn’t had time to experience. His 2011 debut album + gathered sales of of 2,126,781, while his 2014 follow up reached sales of 2,898,433.

Sheeran will release him new album, ‘Divide’ later this year. He’s back and ready to dominate the music industry like never before. So, brace yourself for more content coming your way.

Both tracks are available to listen on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. You can also find both of his lyric videos on Youtube.


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