Dress Code

“We have been selling fine and fabulous sh*t to the sub-culture for 18 years! There has been a lot of change in that time and we always keep ahead of the game. We are an independently owned boutique for pop culture lovers, stocking new and local designers products and specialise in the unusual and the exclusive. If something we do gets picked up by the high street we drop it! Our newest and only in-shop venture is vintage vinyl and tapes.”

You can check out Dress Code at www.dress-code.co.uk


ChartHouse Music

ChartHouse Music are a creative hub for singers, musicians and songwriters. Using their wealth of combined experience, the team promotes individuality in each artist, and encourages them to reach the highest levels of their musical potential.

Read more about ChartHouse at www.charthousemusic.co.uk


Graham Russell Drums

Graham Russell Drums are a well-established supplier of new and second-hand drum sets and accessories. With a wide range of kits and personalised service, Graham Russell Drums is the place to go if you’re looking for a new kit or just some friendly advice.

Read more about Graham Russell Drums at www.grahamrusselldrums.com